Angle Ironbowl (Pack)

This pack of 30 DI profiles is based on the sound of the ENGL Ironball SE. We did our best to recreate it’s original sound and characteristics.
The amp is loaded with EL34 tubes and delivers all sorts of sounds varying from clean, blues to buzzsaw metaltones or even the high gain realms.
This is a DI Profile pack so no cabs are included. Many players prefer to use DI profiles above Sudio Profiles to have the freedom to choose their own CAB.
With this pack that is possible.

Pack notes:

  • 30 DI profiles
  • All 4 channels included (Clean, Lead, clean/boost).
  • Ironball specifics like reverb and delay are excluded of course
  • Fortin 33 pedal (set to 2 or 3 o’clock)
  • Profiles are taken from the output of the poweramp, so no CAB coloring.
  • Choose your own CAB profile to use with these profiles.

Please find some soundsamples below.
Only two guitar tracks and a lead track recorded with one of the profiles, just a bit of delay and reverb added, nothing else!
CAB used in this sample is a Bogner 4×12 (v30)

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