Welome to Ampire Tones.

We’ve put a lot effort and time to create these profiles and packs for the Kemper Profiling Amp (KPA).
Some are profiles from guitar amps directly and others are tone matched profiles.
The tone matched profiles are marked with ‘(TM)’ on the downloads page and packs are marked with ‘(Pack)’.
Packs are multiple profiles of the same amp on all channels and different options enabled and disabled.
We did this so we can offer you a profile pack that has the full spectrum of sounds of that amp.
Tone matched profiles are just a single profile trying to recreate a specific sound of a band or specific sound of an album of a band.
These don’t have to be made with the same type of amp of that band, hence the tone match.
Before purchasing a profile make sure you listen to the samples to get an idea what they sound like. The samples are always made with just the profiles, no mixing or editing done. You hear what you get!
However, YMMV because the precise results are also depending on the type of guitar, pickups and whether they are used in a FRFR setup or through a real cab. The profiled amp and cab as well as the pickup used for the samples are mentioned in the product page.

Why have tone matched products only one or a couple profiles?
That’s because in contrast to amp packs where subtle differences between profiles gives you a wide range to choose a sound from an amp, with tone matched profiles the quest is to find just that single sound that reflects a specific band or album from a band. You don’t need dozens of profiles for that.
Finding that specific tone can be very time consuming depending on information available about the bands recording details and then trying to recreate that with the KPA.

We are currently in the process of building our products catalog so you can expect more profiles and packs from us in the future.
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